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Panasonic 9v Zinc 1 Pack

Category: Batteries

The Panasonic 9v Zinc, Are a single-use battery, they are very economic, zinc battery manufactured by the trusted, well-known name, Panasonic. It is suitable for use in low-drain devices that need dependable power such as smoke alarms, remote controls, microphones and digital clocks. The Panasonic zinc, 9V, PP3 6LR61 battery makes use of zinc carbon cell chemistry. As there are no harmful substances used in the making of this battery such as added cadmium or mercury this cell is environmentally friendly making the single use battery’s disposal problem free. The battery is therefore safe to use as well as to store.

This single use, 9V, cell has a shelf life of two and a half years, quite long for such an economic battery. It measures just 48.5 mm in height, 17.5 mm in depth and 26.5 mm in width and weighs 38.5 g. This battery is reliable as well as economic and therefore suitable for anyone on a low budget. Together with the cell’s good shelf life, bulk buying would be practical to enable the storage of batteries until they are needed.