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Panasonic AA LR6 Bronze Power Pack of 4

This pack of Panasonic Alkaline Power AA LR6 1.5V batteries contains four new cells. AA/LR6 batteries are currently one of the most frequently used sizes of consumer batteries and are commonly fitted in clocks, computer keyboards and wireless mice, remote controls, small torches and toys as well as some types of photographic equipment. Their alkaline chemistry, long storage life and reliability in producing dependable output makes them a cost-effective choice for devices which require medium power.

Each small, cylindrical 1.5 Volt battery measures 14.5 by 50 millimetres and has a current capacity range of between 2,300 and 2,850 mA/h. Battery weight is approximately 24g.

Panasonic LR6 (also known as AA size) batteries are suitable replacements for AM3, MN1500, PC1500, E91, KAA, LR6/M and 4006 cells. These batteries are designed for single use and safe disposal in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Category: Batteries
Weight: 0.098 kg