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Panasonic C Size Bronze Power Pack of 2

The Panasonic Alkaline Power C sized batteries are able to provide 1.5 volts of energy utilising internal alkaline chemistry. Each battery weighs 138 grams and its dimensions are 26 millimetres wide (diameter) by 50 millimetres in length. It is important to note that Panasonic batteries contain neither lead nor mercury; a notable benefit in regards to the environment.

As these are alkaline units, they are unable to be recharged once depleted. C batteries can be used in a variety of common devices around the home or the office. Some examples include medium-sized torches, bicycle headlamps, remote control gadgets and portable radios. They are specifically designed for high-drain components; those units which require a reliable source of on-demand power.

There are times when these models are referred to by different codes. Some of these can include BABY, AM-2, LR14/L, 4014 and 14AC. They are able to be stored for years at a time if kept within the correct ambient conditions.

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