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Panasonic D Size Bronze Power Pack of 2

The D sized batteries will provide you with a nominal power supply of 1.5 volts and they are particularly suited for devices that require medium to high supplies of on-demand power. Their internal alkaline chemistry is also an economical option in terms of both price and storage. Each battery is 62 millimetres long and 32 millimetres wide.

They weigh approximately 145 grams. As these Panasonic Alkaline Power LR20 batteries utilise alkaline technology, they are intended for a single use and they cannot be recharged. D batteries are common fixtures within many electronic devices due to their ability to supply on-demand and reliable sources of power. A handful of modern examples include handheld torches, some types of electrical motors, portable radios and larger remote control toys.

When stored properly, Panasonic D-sized alkaline batteries can last for years at a time; ideal for bulk requirements. It is also important to mention that all Panasonic batteries are free from lead and mercury. This helps to protect the environment while ensuring higher levels of personal safety.

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