How do you store AA batteries?


How do you store batteries?

Many batteries today boast impressively long shelf-lives, which is especially useful given that you can often enjoy considerable discounts when buying in bulk or larger multipacks. However, achieving optimal shelf-life for most cells depends on proper care and storage.

Tips to be mindful of when considering how to store batteries long-term include:

      • Keep them out of the reach of children
      • Ensure they’re stored in a cool and dry environment (room temperature or below)
      • Where possible, keep them in their original packaging until ready for use – this not only helps to protect unused cells, but also differentiates them from older or partially drained units
      • Don’t store batteries inside devices if you’re not going to be using them for a long time
      • If you’re storing a mixture of brand new and partially used batteries, keep them separate and clearly labelled
      • Make sure they’re unable to short circuit through direct contact with any other metal items – use a plastic battery storage box, individual plastic bags, or put tape over the terminals
      • Periodically test and top-up rechargeable batteries, if they’re going to be stored for a long time, as letting them fully discharge in storage, can seriously deplete their capacity
      • Never disassemble, puncture, crush or burn batteries of any kind
      • Never store rechargeable batteries inside a charger, and never attempt to recharge a battery that’s not designed to do so
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